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Jeevan Sahara
Charitable Trust

The JEEVAN SAHARA CHARITABLE TRUST is a non-profit organization committed to help needy persons with a preferential option for any bedridden/aged frail persons. The "emblem" of the Trust signifies the waves as "a sea of difficulties" and a helping hand which tries to ease the situation and raises it to have a light of sun with love, care and compassion. We strive to provide a homely environment for the inmates and also conduct periodic medical checkups for them.

The old age home is strategically located close to some of the best hospitals in the vicinity namely Swami Shradhanand Hospital and Cardinal Gracious Memorial Hospital. The Jeevan Sahara Old Age home is a 100 bed facility, Housed in 5 spacious bungalow type structures.

Provide compassionate and palliative care
Promote active healthy ageing
Ensure their dignity of life, safety and improved health

The Best Care, In the Best Place

"Yesterday's child is Today's adult and Tomorrow's grandparents"

The society has numerous families who find it difficult to cater to the senior citizens in the house due to the hectic modern lifestyle and numerous other reasons. Certain senior citizens require to be monitored 24/7 due to their various health issues namely Alzheimer's, dementia, other neurological disorders, handicapped, etc.


1 How to make a donation on your site ?
It is not hard to make a donation right on the site. You only need to choose one of our campaigns that you love, then fill some important information in a form.
2 Is becoming a volunteer very difficult ?
It is simple to become a volunteer. You look for selected volunteer opportunities on our sites, fill all necessary information in the form and wait until we contact with you.
3 How can I raise fund for poor people ?
We have many campaigns to support people living in the poverty. If you love to raise fund for them, contact with us to know more details about campaigns dedicated to the poor.

Our Objectives

The Jeevan Sahara Charitable Trust is committed to comprehensive aged care. Apart from the social activities undertaken by the care centre, whenever a medical check-up camp is organised we also invite the villagers and Adivasis in the vicinity. We have undertaken a social responsibility to provide ration to 15 Adivasi families. Our goal is to cater to such senior citizens of the society and to provide a social environment within our Old age home wherein they feel secure and also enjoy spending the ripe years of their life in peace.

Apart from these social activities, whenever a medical check-up camp is organized we also invite the villagers and Adivasis in the vicinity. We have undertaken a social responsibility to provide ration to 15 Adivasi families. Due to lack of space we provide medical aid and emergency doctor check-up facility to senior citizens along with regular medical health check-ups.

  • To provide quality care for any bedridden aged /frail persons better than home and skin to hospital care.
  • To ensure their dignity of life, quality, safety and improved health.
  • To educate and prepare them to cope with their real life situation so as to live an independent dignified life in society.
  • To provide compassionate and palliative care during medically challenged periods of life.
  • To motivate NGO's, Government and individuals for providing elderly care / bedridden care on Medical Home Concept.
  • To promote active healthy ageing by various preventive measures to reduce morbidity
Hence, to achieve these objectives we offer the following services:

Witness our senior citizens taking benefits of all services and living healthy lives!

We Offer


  • Individual Care 24 X 7 By Experienced & Caring Staff
  • Indoor Games
  • Ambulance on Standby For Emergency ★ CCTV Monitoring. ★ Doctor on Call & Weekly Check-ups By Doctor. ★ Routine & Periodical Health Check Up ★ Laundry Services
  • Wholesome, Variety And Nutritious Meals & Snacks As Prescribed By Dietician ★ Clean & Well Ventilated Rooms With Attached Bath
  • Individual Beds & Locker Facility Provided ★ Simple Yoga & Physical Exercises.
  • Nurse & Medically Experienced Staff Round The Clock
  • Personalized Individual Medical Care Provided
  • Physiotherapy / Massage / Steam / Personal Counselling.
  • Physiotherapy / Massage / Steam / Personal Counselling.
अनाथ वृद्धांसाठी मोफत सेवा FREE SERVICE FOR ORPHANED ELDERLY