“Yesterday's Child is Today's Adult and Tomorrow's Grandparents”

The end of life is inevitable in all settings. enable people to maintain a good quality life in all possible ways in all phases of life. The way we attend to the ageing bedridden care reflects our culture & shows success or failure of the development of any given society.

Our Services

  • Full time Doctor’s supervision
  • Daily Doctor’s Visitation
  • Emergency medical treatment
  • Specialist consultant’s opinion/visit if required
  • Management of chronic disease like stroke, fracture functional disability etc
  • Wound / bedsore dressing under Doctor’s supervision
  • Facility of ECG, Oxygen, Cardiopulmonary Resuscitation
  • (CPR) with endotracheal intubation
  • Facility for Nebulisation, suction emergency medicine
  • Facility for Blood Investigation from reputed laboratory
  • 24 Hour Ambulance service for any emergency for transferring patient to hospital
  • Basic Nursing care with human touch
  • Ryle’s tube feeding, catheterization care Bedsore care
  • Incontinence care
  • Vital data monitoring (Temperature, Pulse, Blood Pressure saturation twice a day Blood sugar monitoring, Insulin administration Timely Medications
  • In Emergency, If person has to be hospitalized staff takes care till relatives arrive
  • Boosts self-confidence for speedy recovery
  • Assisting in their daily routines
  • Bathing, hair combing, shaving, clothing, spoon feeding
  • nail/hair trimming and laundry service
  • Taking them to dining area in wheelchair for all meals or providing o and also feed them if required
  • Help to keep mind and body active and also to maintain hand-eye coordination
  • Alleviates joint pain and other body aches Healthy state of blood circulation is maintained
  • Momentary interaction with inmates boosts the morale and mood of the inmates
  • Focused towards the holistic development of the mind
  • Immediately calms the mind hence the body
  • Inmates with neurological disorders have immensely benefited from regular practice
  • Breathing exercises / Pranayama has immensely benefited the inmates
  • It is easy to do and provides immediate & long term health benefits
  • Television, Newspapers, Magazines, Books
  • Library, Meditation Room, Slow music/ bhajan/ instrumental songs in morning and prayers in the evening
  • Playing games which improves their attention and cognitive functions
  • Special spiritual and entertainment programs are arranged
  • Cultivating their hobbies and skills
  • Celebrating the birthdays and anniversaries Festival celebrations
  • Indoor games like carrom, Chess, Cards & Board games
  • Focused towards holistic physical development
  • Regular sessions of Physiotherapy, Massage, Naturopathy & hydrotherapy
  • Morning: Bed Tea, Breakfast with Tea, Lunch, Tea with light snacks
  • Night: Dinner, and cup of hot milk
  • Nutritious meal menu created in consultation with family members and dietician as per requirement
  • Variety of delicious food menus keep the residents healthy and joyful
  • Physiotherapy for all residents by full time physiotherapist
  • Speech Therapy, Occupational therapy and Gait training
  • Physical fine movement activity
  • Encouraging for maximum possible independency
  • Spasticity management, strength training, flexibility balance and coordination improvement
  • Explaining the disease and its comorbidities in detail to patient and family members
  • Providing guidance to overcome impairment and acquiring highest level of independency
  • Need based information of residents are conveyed to the relatives or relatives can seek resident’s wellbeing report from on duty doctors
  • A Special psychoanalyst social counsellor can be arranged if required
  • Focused towards holistic physical development
  • Regular sessions of Physiotherapy, Massage, Naturopathy & hydrotherapy

Empowering our Widow Women or Vulnerable Women:

Need for widow empowerment. In INDIA, continued inequality and vulnerability of women in all sectors – economic, social, political, education, health care, nutrition and legal. As women are oppressed in all spheres of life, they need to be empowered in all walks of life. They have to lack social support. Widows mostly face financial crises and they don’t know how to bring up their children.

  • Awareness building about women’s situation, discrimination, rights and opportunities as a step towards gender equality.
  • Collective awareness building provides a sense of group identity and the power of working in a group.
  • Capacity building and skills development, especially the ability to plan, make decisions, organize, manage and carry out income generation activities for overall development.
  • They will stay at our home with their children.
  • We have organised different vocational training for them.
  • We trained them to become professional caregivers for old age homes or handicapped homes or orphan children homes. To promote their capacity building.
  • They don’t need to pay any cost. We provide a free of cost facility for them.
  • We also support their children for free education.
  • Participation and greater control and decision making power in the home, community and society.
  • Action to bring about greater equality between men and women.

Empowering the Handicapped or Disabled:

A disability is a result of the interaction between a person with a health condition and a particular environmental context. Individuals with similar health conditions may not be similarly disabled or share the same perception of their disability, depending on their environmental adaptations. Empowerment and education are other two domains that remain neglected. For the empowerment of the disabled population, this project seeks to empower them through the following facilities:

  • Help them to become independent.
  • Engage them in income generation activity, considering their socio-cultural and financial needs.
  • Equal opportunity and rights. Attainment of education and participation in economic activity is extremely important.
  • They stay in the home and become self-dependent.

Senior Citizen Medical Camps (Free):

Active ageing or Healthy ageing is a fundamental requirement of any healthcare system which eases the burden of caregiving to elderly population. The Jeevan Sahara Charitable Trust is committed to comprehensive aged care. The Trust is organizing a Free Medical Camp association with CARDINAL GRACIAS MEMORIAL HOSPITAL every 3 months for senior citizens of the surrounding area to promote healthy ageing. Our doctors give proper counselling about the disease and teach them how to live with and remain independent. At Present, more than 450 senior citizens are registered with this activity and every 3 months 70-90 senior citizens are taking benefits of free service and living a healthy life without any financial burden of outline checking.

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